I offer private posture and movement assessments and coaching programs from my home studio in Kambah.

Pain from postural issues, muscular tension or dysfunctional movement patterns can take many years to develop and become embodied. Your brain needs time and repetitive practice to  groove new neural pathways of better movement. You will also need time to understand and develop your interoceptive skills; the ability to discern and discriminate internal sensations. That’s why I recommend Movement Coaching Programs run across a few sessions so you begin to see and feel changes.

I have helped people with a variety of conditions from ones that responded well to simple adjustments to deeper-seated problems that required longer programs. We need to talk so I can find out whether I can help you and what type of program is appropriate. 

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Coaching Program
  • Discovery conversation (free 20 minute discussion)
  • Questionnaire (emailed to you)
  • 90 minute introductory consultation (face-to-face at Kambah home studio)
  • 2x 45 minute follow up sessions (face-to-face or zoom if required)
  • final assessment and maintenance program incl. video – 60 min face-to-face at Kambah home studio)
One-off Assessment
  • Discovery conversation (free 20 minute discussion)
  • Questionnaire (emailed to you)
  • 90 minute assessment consultation (face-to-face at Kambah home studio)
  • Maintenance program on video (emailed to you)

Your investment

Coaching Program: $310

One-off Assessment: $130

Note: The prepaid package structure and cost may be varied following an initial conversation to understand your needs. Book your free conversation below.

What to expect from Movement Coaching

I have been coaching clients over the last 6 years through postural assessments and follow up programs to fulfil their aspirations. I love helping clients restore their freedom of movement through re-connecting brains with bodies. When you can truly tune in to your sensations and quality of your movement and breath, you can become aware of habituated physical (and emotional) responses to stress. These might be as simple as a tendency to hunch your shoulders or ‘turtle’ into your neck when tired. Maybe you unconsciously brace through your abdomen whenever you’re anticipating something challenging. But it’s when these patterns become habituated that the problem can become embedded and tougher to unravel. Common complaints like chronic back tension or tenderness, repeat muscle pulls and wry necks can reoccur till one day you wake up and find you’ve lost mobility through your neck or hips and can’t seem to get it back no matter how much yoga you do! 

Lasting and noticeable improvements will be elusive unless you are committed to practicing the prescribed program of movements consistently and, just as importantly, taking this awareness off the mat. 20 minutes a day on the mat every day will definitely make you feel better but enduring results occur when you take that awareness of your stress responses into your everyday life. The more often we can put our minds into our bodies, the greater our sensory maps and our interoceptive ‘muscle’ becomes. The more extensive and connected our sensory maps are, the more likely we can catch ourselves in unhelpful patterns and responses to stress, fatigue, emotional upset or even non-ergonomic environments. When we’re consistently aware of these habits and responses we are on our way to waking up and truly inhabiting our wonderful Somas.

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