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The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one’s being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated.” -Thomas Hanna

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About Katrina

I passionately believe our bodies, minds and spirit reflect the story of our lives. When we suffer injuries or pain these can be our best teachers and motivators. It’s more helpful to think of an injury or pain condition as a strong signal from our body to do something different. It’s certainly not helpful to compare ourselves to anyone else. Our bodies are a living breathing intelligent response to our unique way of thinking, feeling, acting and moving and the whole story of our lives.

But when pain limits us from doing what we love to do, then it’s a prompt to change up something. No need to think of ourselves as broken and in need of fixing. Better to thank our incredible systems and take the queue to learn how to move more functionally to better support our body, mind, spirit connection.

I believe in trusting the wisdom of our own soft animal body-mind-systems. (Thanks to Mary Oliver.)

We’re the ones who inhabit our unique Soma and the only ones who know how it feels. If we can learn to truly listen in, we can learn how to discern what we need. At times it can be confusing especially if we’ve been living in our heads, or with chronic pain and dysfunction which make it harder for us to find clarity. It can help to receive coaching from a specialist to help us get out of our own way and find a more direct path to recovery or a more comfortable place.

I deeply recognise how the benefits of ‘doing yoga’ go far beyond the mat into how we live and interact with others. Yoga gives us a blueprint for exploring movement and energy, our emotions, our behaviour, our likes and dislikes, our value systems, and our relationships without judgement or expectations. It’s not a simple physical equation; it’s a whole complex and beautiful mini-eco-system we’re influencing and being influenced by.

Katrina Hinton - Free To Move Yoga and Somatics

I believe in becoming a scientist in your own body and life. Sense, move, play, be curious and identify and then change it up if it doesn’t work or feel good or have the effects you desire. Thomas Hanna, the founder of Hanna Somatics, said if we can sense it, we can change it.  The opposite of course is also true ; if we can’t feel it, we can’t heal it! If we can learn to tune into our body’s signals they can help us understand and regulate our mental, emotional and physical states.

Beyond the physical aspects of this practice,  I want my students to experience how a gentler way of moving can soothe their nervous system and act as a balm in other areas, whether that be reducing anxiety,  sleeping better, or perhaps even finding ways to be kinder to themselves and others.

What My Clients Are Saying?

After trying many traditional physio exercises, I’ve found that my body has been responding better to the movements Katrina has taught me. Through her active listening and extended knowledge and practice, she has been offering me a personalised program that has allowed me to move further along my road to recovery and I am thankful for this. Sylvie Hockin
The teachings offered by Katrina have awakened my enquiry into myself by being presented with a questioning approach to the movements we do together. It is a blessing; and a privilege for me to benefit from Katrina's ever evolving, gentle, effective, nurturing practice. Verity A.
Katrina’s own ongoing study and interest in what other practitioners are offering is evident, and she presents her own learning and understanding in an integrated way that makes it easy for me to accept and understand what is happening in my own body. Gail Coxon
While practicing with Katrina I have improved my range of motion, become much more attuned to my body and have really enjoyed the classes. Karl Fahey
I must admit that this was one of the most enjoyable workshops that I have ever attended. Katrina really knew her topic and presented the workshop with professionalism and humour. I think it will take me a couple of weeks to process all the information! Ros Ferguson
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